Ultimate Spa Day

The Ultimate Day Spa Experience is at Hawthorne Plaza

Feeling so pretty, inside and out, head to toe.


Unless you count sheet masks I do with my teenage daughter, it’s been a while since I had a professional facial. I even bought my own gel nail kit last March to get me through the pandemic, and my fingers and toes became the worse for it. My so-called exercise routine is the occasional YouTube video, and my smoothies consist of bizarre concoctions frankensteined by the teenager.

This was all fine and dandy given the circumstances. But as social activities begin dotting the calendar, I’m ready to feel pretty, inside and out, head to toe. I’m ready to once again sip, steam and soak a day away. Who is with me?

But, Where?

Google displays a few “Kansas City and Overland Park day spas.” Unless I want to spend my precious “me” time sprinting in between spas, I can’t find the equivalent day spa experience that you get say if you are at Canyon Ranch or the like. That’s not in the cards right now, so my spa day search leads me to the corner of 119th and Roe—Hawthorne Plaza.


How Do You Spend the Perfect Spa Day at Hawthorne Plaza?


Nekter Juice Bar

9:00 A.M. Nekter Juice Bar 

A morning smoothie handcrafted by someone other than my daughter. That alone makes it utterly more delightful. I’m starting my day off right, so I order the Tropical Cooler because it will “maximize your nutrient intake with this minimal calorie blend.”

If you want something more substantial, check out the superfood oats or acai bowls. I’m going with the smoothie because I have an exercise class next, taught by a real-life human, not a YouTube version.

Psst! Want a FREE smoothie? If you’re not already a Nekter rewards member, sign up and get a free16 oz.  juice or smoothie with app download.


Pure Barre

9:30 A.M. pure barre®

Having cruised various online exercise options for over a year now, I know the barre classes are incredibly popular. And, the online instructors make it look easy (and quite graceful). I’m registered for the 9:30 A.M. classic class.

It’s 50 minutes of low-impact, high-intensity movements that strengthen and tone. I can feel it way before the class is half over. Ohhh, yes… did I need this. Tip: bring socks with the grips on the bottom. Don’t fret if you forget. They also have them for sale at the studio.

Not sure if barre’s your thing? Try it out with a FREE Foundations Intro Class.




11:00 A.M. PAINT Nail BarTM

After a year-plus of attempting my own manicures and pedicures, I’m giddy to sit back, relax and leave the mani/pedi to the professionals.

PAINT is a fume-free nail salon, the décor is gorgeous, the staff delightful and the polishes are 5-7-9 free. I upgrade to gel polish because I want their work to be as long-lasting as possible. PAINT uses water-based gel polishes and LED lamps.

I go full-on Talk of the Town mani/pedi because I’m in this for the ultimate spa day experience. I give it 5/5 and highly recommend it. You can view their full service menu and opt for something different.

Ultimate Spa Day
The Mixx12:30 P.M. Lunch Time

My gel mani and pedi were dry in minutes, so no need to worry about smudges over lunch or walking like a duck.

The Mixx is calling my name. Not only do I love their prepped from scratch salads, but I like the idea of their “sourced with integrity” ingredients—real, whole foods. Plus, I’m a sucker for scratch-made salad dressings. However, you really cannot go wrong with anything on the menu, from soups, specialty or create-your-own salads, sandwiches and wraps to quinoa bowls.




1:30 P.M. Gloss Rx

Gloss Rx is one of the latest merchants to join Hawthorne Plaza. Two local women, Dr. Melinda Dunn and Stephanie Kamphoefner, co-founded this micro-aesthetics bar. They offer the latest beauty services and treatments like fillers, laser treatments, medical-grade facials and neuromodulators.

This is my spa day, so the idea of a traditional medical spa doesn’t appeal to me. Gloss Rx has a more boutique feel for a truly restorative experience—that’s what I’m looking for today.

Frankly, I’m not even sure what I need today. After a year of relying on sheet masks though, I’m looking forward to an expert’s opinion, so I start with the complimentary consultation.

I’m not one to share my restorative service details. Let’s suffice it to say that Gloss Rx is the place to go for:

  • Botox, Dysport, Xeomin
  • Fillers
  • CoolPeel laser
  • Chemical peel
  • Superficial chemical peel
  • Radio frequency microneedling
  • Hydrafacials
  • Fire and ice facials
  • Custom facials
  • Dermaplane
  • Infrared sauna
Shopping Bags

3:00 P.M. Retail Therapy

With full intention of continuing my relaxing day well into the night at home, I head into a few stores for the necessary accoutrements.

First, new lingerie. I’m relaxed and nothing sounds better than brand, new lingerie and loungewear. clair de lune has a stunning and impressive collection of European brands. I walk in for my night’s attire, I walk out with a bra that fits better than any other one I’ve had in my entire life, plus a new chemise and robe. No wonder clair de lune is considered Kansas City premier bra and lingerie boutique.

Candles because no spa experience is complete without them. Better yet, I get to take these candles home and enjoy them for days. Cuorebella has an intoxicating selection, and the staff is more than willing to lead me to the right “spa” fragrance.

Confession. Andre’s and Bingbox are my last stops. Because what’s a spa day without a little treat. Korean shaved ice and Swiss chocolate almonds it is.



6:30 P.M. Take-Home Dinner

No way do I want to head home and figure out what’s for dinner, much less cook. Hawthorne Plaza doesn’t make it easy to choose what’s for dinner with several tempting options. Andre’s, Chipotle and The Mixx are other restaurants in Hawthorne Plaza. But, I ultimately can’t resist Eat Fit Go. I’m on a fitness roll with the smoothie, classic barre class and salad for lunch. Eat Fit Go has healthy, but yummy, ready-to-eat meals.

Their menu changes, but today the fajita steak bowl is calling my name.



A Spa Day at Hawthorne Plaza was Perfect

Hawthorne Plaza is home to merchants who offer exactly what I’m looking for on my spa day. Better yet, I’m supporting local merchants and get to really customize my day to me, not an a la carte menu or package.