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HOME & AWAY: New Works by Aaron Norris & Seth Smith.
Opening Reception: October 26, 2018 from 5-8pm at The Rice Gallery of Fine Art

The Rice Gallery of Fine Art is proud to announce our upcoming fall feature show opening October 26, 2018. This very special show will feature a new series of paintings by two of Kansas City’s most accomplished painters, Aaron Norris and Seth Smith.

Aaron Norris is renowned for his interpretations of iconic Midwestern scenes and subjects. His paintings emphasize the importance of stopping to take a second look to explore the familiar and find beauty in that which many may take for granted. His depictions of dramatic storms and ominous clouds create a sense of tension in his work while his themes of isolation and decay embellish and challenge the simplicity of his subjects.

Seth Smith awakens the traveler in us all. His paintings share themes of escapism, slowed time, and refuge, often depicting a lone figure which represents a longing for contemplation and escape. He reimagines popular themes from the golden age of transportation in America and is heavily influenced by travel postcards from the 50s and 60s, drawing inspiration from their color and narrative.

Aaron and Seth’s paintings will be joined by new works from fellow supporting artists including Suzy Scarborough, Cally Krallman, Grace Aldrich, and others.

The paintings will be on display at The Rice Gallery of Fine Art in Overland Park, Kansas through the end of December 2018.
For more information please contact Andrew Helt or Erin Hannan at 913.685.8889 or

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