Opening Reception:  Friday, February 16, 2018 from 5-8pm at The Rice Gallery of Fine Art

The Rice Gallery of Fine Art is proud to announce our 3rd Annual National Juried Plein Air Show, an exclusive juried selection of works painted “en plein air” (in the open air) by many of our nation’s most talented outdoor painters, opening Friday, February 16th, 2018.  The paintings featured in this special event have been hand selected by our panel of jurors from hundreds of online submissions, offering a unique survey of works that represent and celebrate the true spirit of the plein air painting tradition. 

The Rice Gallery of Fine Art created this online juried event as an opportunity for the Plein Air community to compete for cash prizes and promote and sell their work during the cold winter months when outdoor painting is limited.  Requiring no painting event for the artists to attend, and no restrictions on painting locales, this annual Juried Plein Air Show focuses instead on highlighting the very best of each artist’s plein air painting accomplishments.

Each plein air painting will be on display and featured for sale at The Rice Gallery of Fine Art through March 30th, 2018.  Artists will be competing for the BEST OF SHOW cash prize.  All plein air works featured in this show will also be included in an online “digital art opening,” which will present digital images of each painting via Facebook, YouTube, and for our online audience to purchase and enjoy.

Featuring works by:
David Andrus, Lon Brauer, Tom Brown, Kenneth Chapin, Lamya Deeb, Annie DeGraff, Larry DeGraff, Linda Dellandre, Daniel Fishback, Jane Flanders, George Galbreath, Wanda Greene, Margie Guyot, Elaine Haake, Sandra Hildreth, Kathleen Hudson, Susan Johnson, Kathleen Kalinowski, Cathy Kline, Barry Koplowitz, Allen Kriegshauser, Lynn LaRose, Dottie Leatherwood, Catherine Mahoney, Eileen McCoy, Tom McGregor, Spencer Meagher, Lynn Mehta, Rodgers Naylor, Deborah Newman, Debra Payne, Jason Sacran, Sharon Schumacher, Brent Seevers, Diana Shearon, Mike Simpson, Diane Stolz, Sherri Thomas, Vicki Thompson, Cathie Thompson, Chris Willey, Marcia Willman, Jim Woodside, and Stephen Wysocki.

The Rice Gallery of Fine Art offers an extensive selection of original fine art in the Kansas City area, representing many of the best artists from the Midwest region, as well as many established artists from across the nation.  We proudly support the ever-growing plein air movement by organizing, hosting, and promoting an array of plein air events and representing many talented plein air painters as well.  For more information please contact Andrew Helt or Erin Hannan at 913.685.8889 or

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