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Bing Box

You Won’t Find Another Dessert Like Bingbox Anywhere Else

Bingbox represents an innovative take on modern Korean shaved ice (bingsu). Shaved ice is revolutionized by infusing flavors into the snow itself, offering a unique ice base of mango, matcha, chocolate and other distinctive tastes. Using only quality ingredients, Bingbox snow cream is a healthier, lighter alternative to traditional ice cream or frozen yogurt, resulting in the finest and purest snowflakes.

The unique flavor mixtures combined with state-of-the-art instant freeze technology means you won’t find another dessert like Bingbox anywhere else. But don’t just take our word for it…come and try this experience for yourself.

As the first shaved ice company with this unique product, you will definitely get a taste of something special – and since they’re always coming up with new combinations and toppings, you might never have to have the same Bingbox twice.

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