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Meet Arevia, our 2018 Inside Out Makeover Winner!

Arevia lives in Blue Springs and was nominated by her daughter Nakisha for the Inside Out Makeover. Arevia is a giving person, always putting the needs of others before her own. On top of working full time, Arevia always makes time for her three foster children, ages 15 years, 3 years, and 17 months, as well has her grown children. Nakisha nominated her mom so “she will take the time to focus on herself”. 1,800 voters agreed that it is Arevia’s time to shine.

Follow Arevia’s journey through her blog below.

Good luck Arevia! We’re  excited to be a part of your transformation.

Arevia Blogs Her Experience


Doing Something Right
I was off to a great start for March, but had a major setback for April had to have surgery and could not work or do anything other than stick to my eating plan. And I should say the eating right was not hard thanks to Eat Fit Go. Kael is and was wonderful on helping with meals for the first week. I have continued to order meals and my three-year-old loves them so how could I not. With just eating right and peddling around the house I still lost 5lbs for the month so I was and am doing something right. That made me feel a lot better because I thought I would have gained but lucky me.

Moving Forward
The goal now is to get backing into the exercise routine but I have to focus because that has always has been a struggle for me but with the help from CorePower Yoga and Purre Barre I believe it will not be hard as I think. So good luck to me, and back to the grind. Putting all the issues of April behind me to begin fresh again in May to make this happen I had set a goal of 15lbs but have only lost 8lbs but that isn’t too shabby and the other 7lbs will be a breeze. So next time it will be I hit my goal and surpassed it!! Just wait and see…


My Journey Has Started

I have begun my journey I have met with Rumor’s Salon & Spa (Drea), CorePower Yoga (Dali) and Pure Barre (Katie and Kelsey) all are so wonderful. I began my workouts and everyone was wonderful so encouraging and the classes are great. It is about one step at a time pushing yourself little by little until you realize you are stronger than you thought. Eating healthy is not a problem for me it is the motivation to exercise not making excuses and actually doing what I need to do. 

Stick to the plan 
I had to start somewhere and stick to a plan and getting in the grove was a challenge but I am there now. Working out and doing yoga 3 times a week. The ladies at Pure Barre and CorePower Yoga are good motivators. Looking forward to see the great progress I will make with all their help and encouragement.


Very Surprised
I was very surprised to hear I had won the Inside Out Makeover it is a great surprise. My wonderful daughter nominated me and I knew nothing about it until I was contacted as one of the Top 10 Finalists.  After finding out I was one of the finalist I told my daughter I appreciated the nomination, but there were others that were so much more deserving. She told me you need this and hopefully you get it. Low and behold…Thanks to her family and friends I won.

Joy and Excitement 
And the joy and excited that I won was wonderful. I am so looking forward to meeting all the people that are involved and making the best of this journey.  Thank you to all the people who voted and made this happen for me.

Hawthorne Plaza Reader Comments

March 28


You’ve impressed us! We’re happy to see you around Hawthorne Plaza and are excited to be a part of your transformation. Keep up the good work!

–Your new friends at Hawthorne Plaza

March 26


That is so cool that you won!  It sounds like such a wonderful opportunity.  Can’t wait until you post your next blog!


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